19 May 2017

The Homemade Wedding Cake: Book Review

I think I've mentioned before that I'm making my sister's wedding cake for her wedding in October, I've been furiously pinning away (you can check out my board here), but sometimes having an actual thing to hold, read and inspire is just the thing and 'The Handmade Wedding Cake' by Natasha Collins is just the thing. I've followed Natasha Collins for a little while on instagram, as I adore her beautiful illustrative style that she uses on her cakes and I have to say I was a little wary of how complex the book might be. As well as making the cake I'm going to be a bridesmaid, along with my two tiny tearaways and I'll also be offering to help with decorating the venue etc, so I knew that although I'd like to, making a cake that's going to take hours of baking and following tricky instructions isn't really going to be possible.

But I was completely wrong, the book is really well designed and every stage of each cake is broken down into easy to follow steps. It even has a guide for how easy or difficult each cake which is perfect as I know exactly which ones will fit into the preparation time we have. There are sections on transporting the cake (I wouldn't have thought about this but is fairly fundamental!), cutting it and when you need to bake things and what you can freeze ahead of time. It really covers everything you could need to know about making a wedding cake.

And oh it's such a beautiful book! A treat for the eyes, the styling is colourful and fun and just about eveything I'd want if I was getting married again! Even if you weren't getting married alot of the cakes could be amazing celebration cakes for lots of different occassions (friday night cake date anyone?) 

The ideas are so unusual and yet simple too - I love the cake above which is a neopolitan cake - a layer of chocolate, vanilla and raspberry sponge. Obviously I haven't tried any of these cakes - yet! but they sound like they would taste as good as good as they look. 

The decorating instructions are really well explained with images and the accompanying text is warm and so inspiring. I love one part that says about choosing the music you bake to, I'm definitely implementing this into my next bake!


It's definitely a must read for all brides to be thinking about making their own cake. I love how personal Alie's cake will be and I know that the girls and I will so enjoy making it for her, I can't wait to show you the finished article!x

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