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4 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I know it can be a bit of a cliche but I love the start of a new year, I love looking back over the last year and planning lovely things for the future. I think I'm going to do a separate post about all my hopes for this new year, but for now I thought I'd just take a liitle look back over our Christmas.

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14 November 2017

My home on Design*Sponge

One of the first blogs I ever started reading was Design Sponge, I poured over it during university and even while teaching was constantly being inspired by the many creative articles and uplifting images they posted. So I was completely thrilled when I got a message on instagram asking whether I'd be interested in having my home featured on there - my little home!

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6 November 2017

My Sister's Wedding

So, my sister's wedding was nearly a whole month ago now. I'm not sure I could write up a post which would do such a lovely day justice really, so I'll just stick to explaining a few photos. I didn't actually take that many what with being so involved in the whole day - I'm itching to see the official ones! But also I do sometimes think that the adage is true that when you're having a really good time you don't stop to take pictures. 

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1 November 2017

The Me and Mine Project - June to October

I can't believe it's been since May that I posted a me and mine post! While I haven't been blogging due to enjoying my last few months of having my littlest at home full time I have still been taking the monthly family pictures, and I am so glad I have, you can see a huge difference in the girls already from when I started in January. 

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9 March 2017

The Me & Mine Project

I have been meaning to join in with the Me & Mine Project for a long time now - capturing a a photo of your whole family once a month seems like such a great idea. I'm definitely prone to simply taking pictures just of the girls, in fact last year I'd be pretty pushed to find more then maybe one of all of us. 

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