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1 November 2017

The Me and Mine Project - June to October

I can't believe it's been since May that I posted a me and mine post! While I haven't been blogging due to enjoying my last few months of having my littlest at home full time I have still been taking the monthly family pictures, and I am so glad I have, you can see a huge difference in the girls already from when I started in January. 

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3 May 2017

Me & Mine: April

Our Me and Mine picture this month already feels like ages ago, this was taken on a day we had in London which as it always is with the girls, was wonderful, tiring and frantic at times! 

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18 April 2017

Easter Weekend

Hands up who has the post bank holiday blues? Meee! I'm pretty tired from doing lots of things outdoors (that and my first back to school/preschool run), I've definitely over indulged in chocolate eggs, and the house is still full of cake crumbs and toys but oh it was so worth it!

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