7 March 2017

Having a Workspace at Home

I think the absolute saviour of home workspaces is a Bureau. Obviously I adore the mid century look of this one, the fact it's so solid and well made - I've wanted one for so long I'd seen lots of laminate covered ones in charity shops and nearly caved because I think they are so incredibly functional,. However luckily this gorgeous one came up at HomeKit (an amazing local Essex Business, definitely worth a look if you love vintage furniture and interior accessories). I love the red drawer pulls that really pop in our lounge, and the simple and yet so practical functionality of the lid folding down to make a desk.

Whereas in the past I've used big desktop computers which wouldn't have been appropriate to use here, my work now is mostly all on my trusty macbook which I can store in the top drawer. My scanner fits in the next drawer with my cutting mat and large papers, and hopefully when we next upgrade our printer, that will be able to fit in the bottom. 

The top part stores all our stationery which was previously rammed in a cupboard in the bookcase to the left! The divided sections and drawers for scissors, washy tape and other paraphanalia is so handy, and for me I like to have it out on show, it some how makes me want to use them all more (minimalism hasn't come to get me yet!).

So if I'm working, I simply take in the chair from the kitchen pull down the lid and I'm good to go. I kind of like how bringing in the chair with its bright flash of turquoise makes the room seem sort of different already and i feel like I'm working  - don't get me wrong I enjoy working on tthe floor in  my PJ's with the best of them, but I also sometimes like to feel more formal. I also love that although it will never be like having a designated room you can then shut the door on and leave, simply closing the lid does do a similar thing and because I love its design seeing it all the time is no bad thing.

I know that it is always said that really you should have your workspace away from your living space to allow you to come away from it, and truly relax. However, realistically many people can't afford to have designated rooms or studio spaces and with a family space is always tight. I actually like being able to have it in the lounge, I often domy work in the eveings, and having the space in the lounge means that I can still chat with Ian and be with him rather than in separate rooms. Of course if I'm doing big scale work I'll use the kitchen table, but for the most part this little colourful space works so well for us. 

I'd love to see some other home workspaces if anyone has any posts? Please send me a link, or give me a shout on instagram. This is also my first time linking up with Bloggers Homes, I've been finding the hashtag so inspiring so it's lovely to fully link up here!

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