9 March 2017

The Me & Mine Project

I have been meaning to join in with the Me & Mine Project for a long time now - capturing a a photo of your whole family once a month seems like such a great idea. I'm definitely prone to simply taking pictures just of the girls, in fact last year I'd be pretty pushed to find more then maybe one of all of us. I did start this in January but hadn't got around to blogging it yet, so here;s three in one! 

I'm going to be posting these as they are, I'm not happy with them  - at times organising the picture seemed too much of a hassle, and really how hard is it to get to wriggly girls to stay still! But I have three family photos already that I wouldn't usually have, and already I can look and see what's changed in such a short period of time. I also want to do it for the girls, I love seeing pictures of my parents from when we were younger, and I think that family photos are really important. My girls already love looking through pictures from when they were babies, I think in some ways they help us have our sense of place. I love how passionate Lucy from Dear Beautiful who started the project is.

I've said before how my littlest lady starts school in September, so I think this is the perfect time to do this project as I know just how much she's going to change once school rolls around. And I do think that although I know the photos will never be perfect, they capture us as a whole, with all our wonderful imperfections and they will be so nice for us all to look back on in the future.

So this was our March shot, all dressed up ready for our 3rd party of the weekend (!)the girls looking as pleased as can be to be in their party dresses and all ready to dance their socks off to trolls songs! They're growing up so quickly at the moment and I couldn't be prouder of their wild and creative personalities. They've both always been independant but somehow they seem to be getting even more so at the moment. Both are so very particular about what they want to wear, eat and do - granted this is such a great thing but it can be a struggle in the mornings! They're stubborn, head strong and won't take any prisoners (so so different to how I was as a child) but I wouldn't want them any other way.

The Me and Mine Project