14 November 2017

Making the Most of Small spaces: CeCe’s Room

In some ways our smallest room for our smallest girl reflects her perfectly, tiny but with the brightest pop of orange on the wall the drama of such a strong colour could be a bit much for most kids' rooms, but not for my little live wire! 

We did in fact decorate it before she was born so it was pretty lucky that she likes bright colours now. Unfortunately she still doesn't sleep in here as much as we'd like (although granted the cuddles are amazing), but she does spend lots of time and playing and drawing in here. I always think with small spaces you have to think really cleverly about space, but with kids rooms this is even more important as once the toys are out you've got no chance of organising anything!

Since starting school we've realised how lovely it would be for her to have a little desk space to draw her thousands of rainbows she draws everyday, and her reading and writing. There definitely wasn't space for a proper desk so Ian used a piece of wood we already had from a piece of faulty furniture, attached a hairpin leg from ebay and fixed the desk pieces right into the corner of the room. It's just perfect for her, it creates space in a previous unused place (I can't even remember what was there before, possibly just a pile of cuddlies!).

The chair is mine from when I was younger and I love the traditional look of it, my mum made the cushion from a lovely piece of vintage fabric. The duvet set and curtains are both Ikea and the little slippers are Delilah's Boden ones from a couple of years ago and I honestly think I might cry when they don't fit either of them anymore!

The cloud shelves are tiger which I think give a really cute and whimsical look as well as the soft grey and white cable and cotton lights which i think work well with the orange wall. I do like how she'll be able to easily change and add to this room despite it being so small. She can easily change up the books and things on the draws and shelves independantly.

I also just wanted to share with you a little spontaneous little mural CeCe made by cutting out circles and washi taping them to the wall - I absolutely love it, and while I hope she doesn't start drawing things on their with the sharpies I am pleased that she feels that comfortable and sure that it is her room and space that she can unconsiously create in. 

We're thinking about having a bit of a change up in Delilah's room next as there are hideous polystyrene ceiling tiles up that need to be taken down and as it was decorated when she was a baby I'm looking forward to making a few changes with her, so I'm sure I'll have lots more kids interior posts coming up!

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