15 March 2017

Kids & Interiors

Before having children I honestly thought having children wouldn't really change much about the decor in our home - sure, I though we'd have to move a few breakable things and accomodate a few toys, but apart from that, that would be it. How wrong was I?! Not that I think that having children changes your style at all, I actually think it makes you home and style work so much better for you as having children forces you to add a whole new level of functionality to your space. 

We bought a house shortly after having our first daughter Delilah, a great time to buy a house huh?! Though hectic, this sort of meant that we could plan and decorate around her and see what our needs were as a family. While I want to keep it stylish and practical, I always want it to look like children live here, I certainly don't ever want it to look like a show home and as they are such a huge part of the family I want their needs met as much as my own. 

One of my favourite things is seeing how our girls interact and respond to changes in our home. When we hung our first wall of paper in our living room I'll never forget Delilah crawling over to it, dragging herself up and pointing at the 'flower' (one of her first words - definitely my daughter!) and looking so pleased. The girls both adored our stairs when we first painted them, they seemed to really enjoy learning the colours as they went up the stairs, so while it's a really fun and thrifty thing to do (- all the colours were painted using matchpots) it also really added to our family life.

Storage is such an important part of having kids as my goodness, the stuff! And while I always like to have some bits out constantly, it is so nice to be able to easily jumble everything away and have a calm space for the evening. Having a sideboard is so incredibly practical - I've wanted one for such a long time as I think they're so beautiful, and I struck gold in our local charity shop with this beauty for £15! They are the perfect storage for kids toys, the two doors to the left house all the games, the drawers hold paper and pens and magazines, the top one originally used for cutlery holds all sorts of tiny tat! Shopkins, my little pony, I'm sure if you have kids you don't need me to go on!

It also has the added bonus of the lovely surface that you then have to display things on - my girls are now 3 and 5 years old so I can get away with a few things on here. I do have a thing that anything thats at their level I try not to be too precious about as they are probably going to try play with it at some point - the tiny figures and stickers I pull out of the pots on here is insane! We don't have a mantel piece or a big space for large shelving in this room, so I adore having this space to style and rearange seasonally.

Personally I adore having things around me, all those odds and ends that give your home character and tell your story. They're the bits that really excite me in interiors and there was no way I was going to give that up! However, unless you want to be constantly putting things back or repairing broken pots I'm not sure my previous maximalist tendancies would work with our family. Having high shelves everywhere really helps as I get to display precious items but they are out of reach of the girls. I have definitely paired back as I've got older anyway, and I certainly have less time to be cleaning things so this system works so well for us. I think that it makes me curate the items I do have out alot better and it means that I rotate the items too which I enjoy.

The kitchen is the best use of this, as the shelves are high enough up that the girls can't reach the higher ones - although I can to use my teacups - but they can reach the lower pots which home their pens and crafting bits. Its so handy, as it means they can sit at the table drawing ane making while I'm cooking. I love having all my vintage china and tins and bottles out too, they make me ridiculously happy!

Having things out all the time is so helpful in a busy kitchen, I have mugs on hooks and aprons stacked ready for baking.

This is probably too many aprons for a family of 4 to bake with!

I also think that getting your children involved in your decor is so beneficial, it aids their interest and is such a big self esteem boost for them. We have this little gallery wall which is continually updated with different artwork, lots of the girls own creations which I know they're really proud of. I love the constant evolving of it and how if reflects our family at any time.

The far wall we painted in blackboard paint which not only acts as food planning board, but also gives the girls another way to interact with the space. Many height chartings and self portraits are drawn here. I love that it gives them a big space to create on.

I would love to know if any of you have any tips or posts about kids and interiors? I don't think it's covered nearly enough! Please let me know you're posts. This is my first time linking up with Home Etc - I only recently discovered it on instagram and there is so much inspiration on there! Such gorgeous homes and ideas, so Hi if you've popped here from the link!

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