30 July 2017

Goodbyes and Gifts

A couple of weeks ago we finally said goodbye to our beloved preschool and to having a child at home most of the time. Of course, because of the summer holidays not much has changed yet, but it's still been a hugely emotional time. It sounds dramatic writing it down, but I really feel like we've all felt the change and emotions in different ways. 

Our local preschool has just been amazing, they've been the perfect nurturing and creative environment for both our girls and I am so sad to not be going there in September. Although on the upside my crazy creative little diva is totally ready for school and I'm excited for her to experience new things and thrive in a new place. 

Between two girls with activities and clubs we have alot of teachers to thank, and while with both classes they had a collection I put in to, I also wanted the girls to give them something they have made too. I feel so strongly about thanking teachers, particularly at the moment when facing so many cuts that make their already tough job even tougher I really feel like the least we can do is thank them. When I think about the responsibility they hold I'm always totally in awe of them. The girls love making things and I love that they enjoy the ownership and pride they have over these gifts they've created. You can see some other gifts we've made in the past here and here

Both girls love painting so I buy paper bags in bulk and whenever we need a gift I get them to decorate the bags too, I love the way they all look different and I adore their pictures. Gift tags and ribbons add to the homemade eclectic look - I love these animal ones from Ikea

For CeCe's teachers I got little flower pots we had around the garden and got her to paint the outside. We used acrylic paints and then I varnished them for her afterwards. They looked so good I think I need to get her to do some for our house! I got succulents from Wilkinsons and they look so good all lined up together, I'd love a whole room full a la Jungalow Style! 
We also made little paper lolly thank you cards - these were so easy, I used all the paintings that she brought home from preschool and simply cut them into lolly shapes, she added washi tape and sometimes sprinkles and we sandwiched a lolly stick between them, so quick and effective.

Delilah painted some labels for Ikea bottles and jars and I had planned to put in flowers from our garden, but it was looking a little bare (too many flower soup/perfume/snail garden adventures I think!) but luckily I was sent this beautiful Blossoming Gifts Brighton Rock bouquet to review. The peachy hues and delicate foliage are so pretty, I love it. Beautifully fragrant I kept the most part of the bouquet in our bedroom and it made walking in their so lovely and restful everyday - and the rest I split between the bottles, they looked gorgeous and the recipients were so pleased with them. To make the labels I got the watercolours out for Delilah and she painted them and then stamped on messages on top.

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