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5 March 2017

My Month of February

January has a pretty bad reputation as a hard month, but to be honest I find February a much harder slog, cold and not quite yet spring and certainly with our family, plagued by those pesky school germs (chicken pox anyone?!) it's so easy to see it as a write off. Most of my favourite blog posts to read are the positive ones that celebrate the small things in life, happy lists, little loves and many others. So I thought I'd share some of my moments of happiness in the month here.

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9 January 2017

Lazy mornings and laughing littlies

Happy New Year! My daughters went back to school and preschool on Thursday and so it's only now that I really feel like the new year has started.

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23 December 2016

Christmas Day Outfits

Ever since we proudly donned our red velvet Tammy girl dresses for a Christmas in the 90's, we have loved having new outfits to wear on Christmas day. Traditionalists in some ways, red, green, gold or shine in some way will always feature in our clothes.

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30 August 2016

Writtle Sunflower Field

Every year they come out and every year they make me smile so much, here are a few pictures I couldn't resist posting from a few weeks back at the sunflower fields in Writtle.

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14 January 2016

De-Clutter Challenge

I always have the urge to declutter post Christmas, whether I actually do it or not is another thing, but this year I'm determined to sort out our things. Our house is pretty small and especially with our 2 little girls it sometimes feels as though the house is groaning under the weights of all our things.

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