Meet Georgia

There will always be flowers for those who want to see them.

Henri Matisse

Hi I’m Georgia and welcome to my newly designed blog! I started writing it to share all the things I love from beautifully gathered blooms, bright interiors, floral dresses, freshly made cakes and generally living creatively. 

Always attracted to flowers, I love how they uplift your mood – my sister is a florist and we will often be found here or on instagram having a play with foraged flowers and finds! Floral inspired fashion and interiors are something that make me so happy and something that I come back to again and again.

I’m a textiles designer/maker and full time mum living in Chelmsford, Essex with my husband Ian and two girls Delilah (5) and CeCe (3). We bought our first house 4 years ago and have loved decorating it and making it bright, design led and functional for a family like ours. Small on size and budget, but big on colour and design, I feel really strongly that normal homes like ours are really unrepresented in the media, and so to counter this I aim to show ours. From how to get a high end look at a budget price, how to store the amount of plastic tat that comes from having young children and finding ways to incorporate vintage pieces into your home, I’m aiming to spill it all out on here. I recently had our home featured in Your Home magazine, you can read about the shoot here.

My two feisty creative girls are a constant inspiration and will feature here also, they love building dinosaur eggs from the sofa cushions, dancing to the trolls soundtrack and making microwave mug cakes!

If you fancy a chat or would like to work with me or collaborate please email me.